Lyndie Gale

1. How long have you been a member of Hawthorn Football Club?

I am entering my 65th year as a member and supporter of Hawthorn Football Club. This year my scarf will have Number 33 on it, denoting the number of years of continuous membership.

2. Tell us how you came to support the Hawks.

My twin sister Laurie Maher and I were gifted a membership each at the age of eight, in 1952 by our generous and shrewd great uncle Philip Saunders. He lived in Hawthorn, and had followed the Hawks, and before that the Mayblooms, for many years. He also gave membership tickets to our late mother and grandmother, who loved seeing their boys play. He aimed to secure our loyalty before our St Kilda following uncle Peter Turner could get us interested in the Saints, as we lived in East St Kilda. Phew!

3. What are your fondest memories of following the Hawks?

Leading into the 1961 Finals, all the shopkeepers in Glenferrie Road decorated their windows with anything brown and gold. We loved the bugle – blowing in what became the Michael Tuck Stand, the match days when the Hawthorn pipe band played, going to many pre – grand final training sessions, our first and subsequent Premierships – all generated wonderful memories.

A special memory is watching live on television in Chico, Northern California our 1991 Grand Final victory against West Coast with my American Dad and his family.

4. What made you decide to recognise your lifelong passion for the Hawks through the Always Hawthorn Bequest Club?

My three daughters, grandchildren and many other family members support the Hawks, and some are 5th generation members. I want my passion to continue throughout their lifetimes, and to give back to our club, which has given me so much joy and pride in the huge achievements of our dedicated players, coaches and staff members. “One for All and All for One."

5. What does leaving a bequest to the club mean to you and your family?

This is a natural extension of my lifelong passion. No family member of mine will be surprised! It is also about contributing to the long-term future of our club.

6. Do you like knowing that the club has the opportunity to thank you for your gift during your lifetime?

I love this aspect. My husband Tony and I have truly enjoyed several of these events. Who wouldn’t love spending time with other like-minded members of our Hawthorn Family.

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