John Barber

1. How long have you been a member of Hawthorn Football Club?

I have been a member of HFC for 35 years. When Lorraine and I met 25 years ago, she put aside her childhood allegiance to North Melbourne and became a passionate supporter of the brown and gold.

2. Tell us how you came to support the Hawks.

As a youngster living in the country, I was a Carlton supporter as were my parents who were friendly with a family whose son had played for Carlton in the 40’s. Things changed in 1960 (I consider it fortunate), as I was able to play a few games in the Under 19’s at Hawthorn (unfortunately I broke my arm) and so remained a keen Hawks fan ever since. In the following years, I was involved in local footy in country areas. One club where I spent five happy years was Kaniva District Football Club in the Wimmera, the home town of our present legendary Coach, Alastair Clarkson.

Being involved in playing and administration in local footy for many years limited the number of Hawk’s games I attended. In later years, this has naturally changed and both Lorraine and I enjoy our regular trips to see the Hawks, accompanied by our grandson, Thomas. We generally see all Victorian games and on occasions, travel interstate to show our support.

3. What are your fondest memories of following the Hawks?

Having seen the majority of the Hawk’s Grand Finals appearances, we have as our fondest memory, the 2008 win, closely followed, of course, by our recent “Triple Premiership Treat”. I also recall with vivid clarity the excitement surrounding the 1961 triumph.

4. What made you decide to recognise your lifelong passion for the Hawks through the Always Hawthorn Bequest Club?

Our decision to support the HFC through the Always Hawthorn Bequest Club is just a way of showing our appreciation of the continuing enjoyment we have had, and will continue to have, in being associated with our great club.

We have a sincere belief in the importance sport plays in our community, and that also influenced our decision to make a bequest.

5. What does leaving a bequest to the club mean to you and your family?

The confidence in the administration of the club and the standards and examples of social behaviour promoted was also influential in our decision.

6. Do you like knowing that the club has the opportunity to thank you for your gift during your lifetime?

Yes. It’s great to know that the club recognises our support and contribution.

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