Glenferrie Gold - Golden Memories of Michael Tuck

The room was abuzz. The evening’s guest speaker had just arrived. This was to be a special evening - an evening filled with happy and wonderful memories. For the 36 Glenferrie Gold Life Patrons of the Hawks Museum present, this was a night of tall tales and true stories as told by a Legend of the Hawthorn Football Club – Michael Tuck.

He holds the record for the number of games played by a Hawk, having played 426 games, over 20 seasons, 1972-1991. To many of those gathered in the David Parkin Lecture Theatre at Waverley Park, Michael Tuck was a constant presence in football memories. The wiry ruck rover with the long-sleeved guernsey, could run all day and was an integral part of seven Premierships, captaining four. His seven Premiership cups were arranged at the front of the theatrette. A reminder of his ability as much as his longevity.

The 2017 Glenferrie Gold Class Photo

The evening kicked off with a warm welcome to our Life Patrons from Club CEO, Tracey Gaudry. The membership of Glenferrie Gold has increased by twelve this year. Our latest Life Patron, Lucan Reeves, came across from Western Australia for the evening and was presented with his exclusive Glenferrie Gold certificate. Jeff and Peter Gillard received their framed certificates on behalf of four members of the Gillard Family, who have all become Life Patrons of the Hawks Museum. We were thrilled that Life Patron, Michael Held came down from New South Wales for the evening and added a second Glenferrie Gold membership for his family!

Jeff and Peter Gillard and Lucan Reeves receive their Family’s Glenferrie Gold certificates

As with many Glenferrie Gold functions, Mike Derum was the wonderful MC for the night. His questions led to some hilarious, self-deprecating responses from Michael Tuck. The stories ranged from his life playing junior football around Berwick, to the camaraderie of Glenferrie Oval days and the coaches he played under. Frequently, these stories were punctuated with enormous grins. Former teammate and Glenferrie Gold member, Richard Loveridge was on hand to enrich the tales and add some of his own.

The Two Michaels - Michael Tuck and Mike Derum share a laugh

The humour was infectious, meaning that any evening chill was nullified. In one story, Tuck informed this coach, John Kennedy Snr, that he would have to miss a game with of a bout of flu, and apologised to him for not being, ‘able to sparkle’. Assuming a perfect and deep Kennedy voice, he repeated his coach’s reply, ‘Tucky, you never sparkle.’

A very welcome guest was Tony Keaney, the Hawthorn recruiter who spotted a young Michael Tuck playing for Berwick. The picture he painted of Tuck’s early career as a prolific forward, made the audience appreciate Keaney‘s eye for football talent. The youngster he saw became part of the great ruck division of Scott, Tuck & Matthews, a group who gave Hawthorn supporters so many great memories and the club so much success.

The last item of business for the evening was the presentation of Michael Tuck’s 1991 Grand Final guernsey, shorts and socks to the Hawks Museum. This magnificent gesture from donor, Graeme Williams was the perfect finale to the evening as this was Tucky’s playing kit from his final game of League football.

The evening finished with a pie night in the Players’ Kitchen. But, the pies and sausage rolls had to wait for a long line of Life Patrons who queued for photos with the hero of so many great memories and his seven Premiership cups. Just another scene from a successful Glenferrie Gold night where Michael Tuck certainly sparkled for these lucky supporters.

Mary Anne Colquhoun with Michael Tuck

If you are interested in becoming a Glenferrie Gold Life Patron of the Hawks Museum, please contact the Museum on (03) 9535 3075 or for further information.

Author: Rachel Bradshaw, Hawks Museum

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