Glenferrie Gold

The purpose of the Glenferrie Gold Life Patron Group is to ensure that the history, tradition and culture of the Hawthorn Football club is persevered and maintained.

By joining Glenferrie Gold, fans and members can ensure that the players and officials who have paved the way for the club’s success are recognised and acknowledged.

The Hawthorn Football Club is constantly looking at new opportunities to celebrate the past, including the continual development and growth of the club’s museum and a range of events and initiatives for former players and officials.

The Glenferrie Gold Life Patron Group gives fans and members an avenue to assist the club in this desire to celebrate past legends of the club and ensure that their contribution is never forgotten.

To join the Glenferrie Gold Life Patrons Group, a once-off $1,000 tax-deductible donation can be made to the Hawthorn Football Club. This donation will go directly towards various activities, initiatives, events and museum items to preserve the heritage of the Hawthorn Football Club.For more information or to join, please contact:
(03) 9535 3087