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Kennedy Community Centre


The Hawthorn Football Club’s vision is to create a world-class training and administration centre that can nurture teams that represent Australia’s leading athletes while competing at an elite level. One that provides cutting edge training, sports science and football facilities.

The club’s vision is to provide a place where Hawthorn supporters are closely integrated into the club, where they can live and breathe the values, celebrate the successes and support the club through adversities. Where the individual is never bigger than the collective.

The Centre will ensure the mighty Hawthorn Football Club is future-proof to provide Hawthorn families with the ultimate destination to call home. 

Together, with your support, we believe together we can rise and meet the challenge and achieve an even greater future for the community and the club.

One for All. Always.



By naming our new home the Kennedy Community Centre our club honours the legacy of one of the Hawthorn family’s most inspirational leaders.

We are a club founded on the ethos of ‘one for all and all for one’ – the values of equity, teamwork and humility that John Kennedy Snr instilled in our players that remain embedded in our culture. 

We are honouring the Kennedy name and reflecting the unwavering values that are embodiment of the Kennedy spirit. 



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Frequently Asked Questions

What will the Kennedy Community Centre include?

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Stage 1 incorporates an elite training & administration facility, including indoor training field, MCG-sized oval, and an AFLW Oval/Community Pavilion with grandstand seating.  

This facility will provide our players & staff with one of the best sporting facilities in the country and revolutionise the club’s standing as a destination club for both our AFL and AFLW programs. While the club’s key focus is on delivering Stage 1, important work has also commenced regarding future stages as part of the club’s approved master plan for the 28-hectare site. The objective of this subsequent stage is to further enhance the activation and accessibility of the Kennedy Community Centre to a broad range of sporting and community groups to support tangible wellbeing and participation outcomes in the future.  

What are the benefits of the project to the Club and the Community?

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This transformational project will provide a long-term home for all at Hawthorn and help safeguard the club’s future. One for all, and all for one – our club is committed to ensuring the Kennedy Community Centre is a home that makes the whole Hawthorn family proud. Our vision is to not only build and create an elite environment for our players and staff but also a home and benchmark facilities for our past players, members, fans, and local community.

What will happen to Bunjil Bagora, Waverley Park?

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The Club continues to assess options to optimise the future-use of Bunjil Bagora whilst being respectful of the historical prominence the facility has to Australian Rules Football.  Hawthorn will update its members, key industry stakeholders and the community once it has clarity aligned with the timing of its relocation to KCC. 

When will the project be completed?  

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The main works build for Stage 1 of the project commenced in early 2024, with an anticipated project completion date in the second half of 2025.  

How much will the project cost? Who is funding the project? 

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The project costs in the vicinity of $100 million and the club has funds available for the project. Along with strong financial planning, Hawthorn has received support from generous donors, local, state and federal governments to generate the funds needed. Given the evolving nature of a large-scale construction project, the club is continuing to explore further capital-raising strategies to combat further challenges. As construction costs grow across the world, the club will dip into its future fund to finish the project, this is why the club will continue its fundraising efforts to ensure the club’s financial strength continues.  

Where can I find more information to support the project?

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For any project related queries regarding the Kennedy Community Centre, please contact kcc@hawthornfc.com.au. For further information regarding how you can support the Club’s fundraising campaign please visit Hawthorn Football Club Foundation or email foundation@hawthornfc.com.au.


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Kennedy Community Centre


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