Hawks in the community

The Hawks Community Foundation exists to facilitate sustainable social and cultural change within our community. Through sport our community programs and partnerships empower us to develop greater opportunities for engagement, inclusion, equality and diversity whilst fostering a culture of collaboration. 

 The Hawks Community Foundation delivers programs in three key areas: 

Indigenous Engagement and empowerment

Our programs are designed to close the gap in Indigenous health and education with a focus on improving the education, mental health and social/emotional wellbeing of Indigenous people.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Delivering programs that increase the awareness of mental health issues and bring about behavioural change. Our programs equip young Australians with the tools required to tackle anxiety and depression so they can help themselves and others. 

Social Inclusion

We create programs that empower people of all abilities, genders and cultural backgrounds to collaborate and integrate, creating a sense of equality and belonging. We strive to build a more accepting and inclusive community and environment. 

Visit the Hawks Community Foundation for more information and to read the stories of the transformational work that is done within the community.