Why We Exist

Our Story

The Foundation was established to ensure Hawthorn continues to thrive regardless of the competitive and complex environment in which it operates.

Our history has taught us that on-field triumph doesn’t always equal off-field survival and even the most successful clubs need to be future-ready and community minded.

Foundation donations enable the Foundation to lead and respond to opportunities above and beyond the club’s core operational activities and obligations.

Why We Exist
Why We Exist

The Foundation enables the club to expand beyond the everyday so that we may contribute to the sport and the community in a meaningful way.

Importantly, the Foundation also enables the club to reach out and engage with the community. Sport is a powerful facilitator and conduit to unifying people and to building strong, healthy and safe communities.

Together, with your support, we believe we can achieve an even greater future for the community and the Hawthorn Football Club. Your club. One for All. Always.