For your next museum visit

The Hawks Museum is pleased to announce that visitors can now take a guided tour of the museum using one of six computer tablets provided under the Innovation and Support Fund.

These tablets were recently tested by James, Matthew and William, sons of Richard Allsop well known for his weekly Footy Flashbacks that appear on the club website. The tablets host a program that provides users with audio-visual information about many of the exhibits on display in the museum, and on the adjacent Stairway of Memories.

These exhibits relate to different aspects of the club’s proud history. For example, there is an account of the four Hawthorn players who have won Brownlow Medals, as well as information about two of the club’s great full forwards, Peter Hudson and Jason Dunstall.

There is a collection of significant guernseys, a chronology detailing the club’s history from 1902 to the present day, and a display of the members of the Hall of Fame and the seven players who have been elevated to Legend status. There are the premiership and trophy cabinets, as well as an exhibit celebrating the club’s best and fairest players, to name just a few of the items from the museum’s extensive collection.

For the purposes of the program, the museum has been arbitrarily divided into twenty-five separate exhibits identified by the numbers one to twenty-five located at the various viewing points.

A visitor using the tablet merely taps on a number on the tablet’s menu screen and the program automatically provides an audio commentary with accompanying photographs of the corresponding exhibit. This is a combination of basic facts about the exhibit, as well as additional information to broaden and enhance the presentation.

Because the program has been divided into twenty-five sections, users can choose as much or as little of it as they wish. We hope that your next visit to the Hawks Museum is made more enjoyable as a result of this exciting initiative.

Author: Peter Haby

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